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Carl Eric Johnson, Inc.

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Justin Tanks

Justin has been serving Industry for 50 years in Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Pulp and Paper, Chemical Processing, Food Processing, and Pharmaceutical environments. Providing quality and performance for your fiberglass tank requirements. 
The Justin plant located in the Sussex County Industrial Airpark, Georgetown, Delaware, is one of the few in the industry which was specifically designed and constructed to build FRP tanks and equipment. Through the use of multi-station vertical and horizontal tank winders, Justin provides tanks with diameters ranging from 3 to 14 foot. Tanks are fabri-cated utilizing both contact molded and filament winding processes. Each tank is individu-ally designed and fabricated to meet the user's specification. An extensive quality and testing program assures the user the equipment will meet its intended service for years to come. Justin equipment will be found in many industries with continued success. If you or an associate have a need, contact us. We will assist in all phases of your project from design and specifications through fabrication and delivery. Justin Tanks, Inc. through its commitment to quality and value continues to be the forerunner in the Industry. 


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