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Dickow Pump specializes in supplying sealless metallic centrifugal, multi-stage centrifugal, and side channel pumps with a magnetic coupling. These are available in ANSI, DIN, and fully conform to API 685 standards for sealless centrifugal pumps for petroleum, heavy-duty chemical, and gas industry applications. Conventionally sealed centrifugal, multi-stage centrifugal, side channel and API 610 pumps are also available in DIN and fully conform to many of the API plans. All units are carefully sized and built to the customer's particular fluid, hydraulic requirements and condition point. Dickow pumps are not mass produced, but rather are manufactured to the highest standards for very specific chemical environments and applications.
Our Marietta, GA location stocks some commonly used pump types and sizes and an extensive array of replacement parts. Our repair facility is able to repair or rebuild any Dickow Pump.

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